Stone Harbour Memories

Once again we thank the generous nature of our mates at Stone Harbour Press for providing a week at this spectacular vacation spot as a prize – it was also instrumental in raising funds for our charities.

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Imagine my surprise when I found I placed the winning bid for a week at Stone Harbour Villas in this year’s NOLA Pyrate Week silent auction! I mean, I never win ANYTHING…

But the real prize happened the day we arrived at Stone Harbour Villa. When the gates parted at the entrance of this breathtaking estate, I had to pause. This gracious and spacious beachside home would be the retreat for a family of seven for a week.

The walks through the garden, the view from the sea wall, the cobalt and aquamarine of the ocean, just steps from the back porch – these are the picture postcards that we carry in our heads now that we are home.

But in our hearts – the warm and gracious staff at Stone Harbour will always remain there. They anticipated what we wanted before we needed to ask, catered to our quirky requests, and most of all, gave us the opportunity for us to get to know the real treasure in Jamaica. Wonderful…

What a wonderful opportunity! We will be sure to return.

Maureen Magee


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