French Market Invasion

Land Of Nod presents…The Dutch Alley Invasion!
NOLA Pyrate Week has joined forces with Noomoon to invade the French Market at Dutch Alley – what a grand way to start the week!

Sat. Mar. 27, Sun Mar. 28 – 2010 (noon-9pm )

There will be all manner of live performances on two stages, busking, wandering performers and an amazing Merchant’s Market with Pyrate goods and other hand crafted treasures!

Thanks to our good mate Dan Sheridan – the driving force behind massively creative Noomoon concepts/events events like the Land of Nod Experiment, powerful brands like Noomoon Tribe, Battle Of New Orleans, Human Clothing, managing/producing stages at Voodoo Music Fest…and more! Ye may recall Dan and his huge tent filled with artists at last season’s Tommie Felix Memorial street party.

“Dutch Alley” is the riverside base of the French Market – just off Decatur St. from about St. Ann (behind Café du Monde) all the way over to St. Philip (Montrel’s Bistro & WWOZ) – that’s several city blocks! Thousands of tourists & locals pass through this area on any given day! MAP HERE
Dan & Noomoon ran a very successful Land Of Nod event here just this past October to benefit the New Orleans Musicians Clinic and featured more than a dozen local bands, artists, fashion shows and more!

**Please note: We should be able to accommodate a number o’ merchants, but shall be very particular. Making yer own stuff is top o’ the list – must be Pyrate themed or Pyrate friendly.

Dan is already enticing/hunting for corporate sponsorship to help fund this – and with luck to spread into all of NOLA Pyrate Week – both trade offs and CASH (though difficult to find, we need to be sure Dan/Noomoon gets something for doing most of the hard work!).
Looking for businesses who support “green” initiatives! One thing we could use is transport – thinking car dealer or rental company with hybrid SUVs or Passenger Vans (even Bio-Diesel) might be an opportunity for them.

Remember big sponsors get frequent mentions during media events…posters…etc.
Cash sponsors get that and RUM. <G>

Hoist the colours…spread the word…send a message in a bottle, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, EMail, SMS, Phone Calls….

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