Who Wants To Be Queen?

This year, in conjunction with the nationally accredited American Dream Pageants, we are hosting the first annual Louisiana Pyrate Wench Pageant!

This is yer chance to be…QUEEN…complete with a custom designed, Swarovski® Crystal encrusted crown, silken sash and the opportunity to be our representative in our efforts to create awareness and knowledge about wetlands restoration and preservation.

The main criteria is, ye must be 21 or over and have the outfit and attitude to present yerself as a Pyrate Wench. Of course yer more likely to win if ye have a passing knowledge o’ Louisiana & Pyrate history as well as knowing something about the wetlands o’ South Louisiana and the culture and people who live there. There is a $45 entry fee that will be split between production costs and wetlands projects.

To apply, fill in the form here and pay the entry fee – be sure to include a wench-like photo if ye can.

If ye’d like to spread the word, link back to our site, or ye can download and print the poster below!

Right click here and select “save link as…” to save the poster.

Pageant Poster

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