The Sun Sets On Another Year

Aye, and it’s been a long one…again. We hope ye all are keeping well and managing however ye must through these plague infested times. Good news, though – a new year is on the horizon!

We are fortunate to know scores of very creative folks around the globe, and one of our good mates has put his skills to the task of a calendar for the new year! Vince Vaitiekunas of Moving Comic Factory has a long history of graphic design, film work, fine art, animation and more…and has been known to pilot a ship or two. His artistic style is truly unique, and this calendar is a fine piece of art. Spectacularly splashed with colour and snippets of history, flags & trivia about 12 historical Pyrates, it is a one of a kind offering. Ring bound, with space below to make notes of ship times, crew meetings, or the Captain’s birthday.

Get yours now, before another wave slips by!

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